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Sell Fast

We are a Full-service Real Estate Team.

We BUY houses cash with a QUICK easy closing.  Get money in your pocket FAST.

Need to sell your home but need to get top dollar?  We can also assist in the selling process .

What ever your needs as a Realtor we can help you!!!!

Let us make this process stress free and quick.


  • No Repairs Needed
  • No Cleaning Needed
  • Any Condition accepted
  • Quick Cash Offers
  • NO closing cost or unexpected fees
  • Fast Closing or close on your schedule


  1. Call us
  2. Give us some information about your home
  3. We set up a time to preview your home
  4. We send you a no obligation offer that will not change.
  5. Close

Having been a Realtor since 2012, I have seen many people face issues leading to the need to sell a home fast including family problems, unexpected costly repairs, job loss, the passing of relatives and so much more. This is why we have extended our real estate services to meet this need. We can now offer solutions for all our customers.



What condition does the home need to be in?

We accept all conditions good or bad!  You do not have to remove, clean, repair or prep the home in any way. Currently our only requirement is for the home to be vacated at closing.

What is a full service real estate team?

We can help you with ALL of your real estate needs.  If upon previewing your home, we determine that your goals and home is better suited for the Real Estate market we can assist in that process.  We can buy problem homes for cash.  We can assist with the foreclosure process. We can assist with homes that have a mortgage balance that is higher then the value of the home (known as a short sale). If you need assistance relocating within the market we can help.

Will you pay market value for the home?

Upon closing the home will undergo renovations then sold or rented by a real estate investor. This means that the home must be obtained at a price that supports the financial and time investment made.  Selling your home through the as is process may not be for everyone.  But it does provide several benefits and fits the needs of many customers.  Remember that if for some reason the cash offer is not ideal then we have multiple options to offer you.  That is the benefit of working with a Full-Service real estate team.

How do you determine the offer made?

As full-time real estate professionals actively working in the area we know the market.  We evaluate your home based on the following criteria:

  • Current Condition of the home
  • Estimated cost of repairs and renovations
  • The time to complete renovations
  • The holding cost of the home (electric, property taxes, lawn maintenance, insurance, etc.)
  • The fees and cost to sell the home after renovations are completed.

We take all these cost into consideration and compare it with the after-repair value.

What types of homes do you buy?

Single family homes, Condos, townhomes, duplex, and apartment buildings.  We are not currently accepting mobile homes or commercial buildings.  We want to focus on providing housing for the community and meeting the housing demand by offering quality homes to future homeowners.

What locations do you serve?

Alachua County, Gilchrist County, Levy County, Marion County.

When will I receive the money?

On the day of closing.

What if I am behind on payments?

We can help to get the mortgage satisfied as quickly as possible eliminating any more missed payments being reported on your credit. If you owe more then the home is worth there are still options.

Who are you and why should I choose to work with you?

I have been a Realtor in Gainesville since 2012 and have lived in North Central Florida my entire life.  I love this community which is why I choose to stay and start my family here.  I now live in Gainesville with my husband (and business partner) Randal and two daughters Payton and Bailey. When I started her career pretty much every home I sold was considered “distressed.”  Since that time the real estate market has improved significantly pricing many potential homeowners out of the market.  Our goal is to be able to renovate homes that are no longer needed, or able to be maintained by the current homeowner to provide good quality homes to buyers. I want to provide the community with housing that helps the values of the neighborhood, provides a sound home to a buyer and help a homeowner relieve the stress of a troublesome house. Many think that because the market is good that people are not financially hurting, we understand that is simply not true.  We see people that are affected by all kinds of problems and have experienced them ourselves with job loss, cancer, and unexpected illness.  We Get It!